Join 'Hands to Heart' village team now; inspire, nurture and empower lives!

Bringing hope to hill tribe women through greater sustainability!

Join 'Hands to Heart' village team now; inspire, nurture and empower lives! image


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Bringing hope to hill tribe women through greater sustainability!

Debbie and the Hands to Heart Village

Currently, as a result of Co-vid 19 and my temporary transplant stateside has provided me training in handmade artisan industry and helping to create an online shop for the sales of the women's cooperative ancestral weaving. This shop will create a broader sales platform, increased micro-loans from those sales and consistent sustainable income for the women and their families regardless of un-anticipated seasons of hardship. My focus with the Hands to Heart Women's Cooperative continues to be coming alongside these hill tribe women collectively to empower them as entrepreneurs through basic business skills such as: leadership, goal setting, money management, quality control and product design, This will enable a solid foundation to flourish, as well as, building trust and relationships to holistically spread the gospel. My secondary focus continues to be the liason for Lanna Foundation to raise awareness of the work of Integrated Tribal Development Foundation through social media, blog writing and video updating to our donors.

This time of my transplant here stateside has been fruitful in the planning, preparation and better positioning for the future of Hands to Heart Women's Cooperative. The key takeaways from this year is "resilience" and "building back better" I am grateful for the faithful partnerships who have enabled all of this to prosper through much prayer, encouragement and provision, despite a pandemic and beyond this last year. We look forward to the upcoming year bringing renewed hope and promise of a brighter season through His perfect timing and plan unfolding as I return to Thailand, first sign of travel ban lifting. He has called myself and others to be a village collectively to advance his kingdom. It takes collective engagement of prayer, encouragement and provision to build an essential solid foundation. I invite you wholeheartedly to become a vital part of the "Hands to Heart Village", coming alongside these precious women and myself to collectively empower and positively impact their lives, their families and communities.

For those already faithful Hands to Heart village partners, the cooperative members and I are ever so grateful to you all.