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Support Our 'Hands to Heart' Micro-loan Program

Empower hill tribe women and their families through monthly or one time giving

$5,680 raised

$10,000 goal

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Inspire, Empower and Sustain Future Hill Tribe Women Entrepreneurs!

The Hands to Heart Women's Cooperative is a collective partnership woven between multiple cultures and many hearts through Lanna Foundation, Integrated Tribal Development Foundation and the hill tribe cooperative members. The partnership was formed to come alongside and support the goals of the Hands to Heart Women's Cooperative to include: be role models to their children, aspire to be creative entrepreneurs, preserve their ancestral weaving craft and provide sustainable income to their families who otherwise struggle with poverty and oppression. Through your financial partnership for micro-loans, you will be greatly empowering these women and the livelihoods of their families. The micro-loans will be utilized to begin their entrepreneurship, supplies, training/development, and travel to other villages for inspiration and shared learning experiences.

We invite you to become part of the "Hands to Heart" Village Team, inspiring, nurturing and empowering the lives of these women, their families and communities.


Ready to increase your impact? Become a monthly donor!

For $10/month, in one year you will provide a sewing & pattern-making kit for 12 cooperative members. The kits include: measuring tape, needles, thread, box of pins, fabric scissors, chalk maker, and a plastic container.

For $25/month, in one year you can sponsor a micro-loan to provide supplies for three new weaving businesses.

For $29.17/month, in one year you will provide a Treadle sewing machine for an entire village.